Offroad (lite)

Car expedition through Altai
under experienced guide guidance

Tour description:


What to expect:

1800 km of adventure - the entire Chuysky tract and Altai off-road under the guidance of an experienced guide
6 natural zones (the uniqueness of the Altai Mountains!): steppe, tundra, forest, semi-desert, subalpine and alpine
The opportunity to travel a lot away from noisy excursions, but also to visit popular places
During numerous stops we will take photographs - landscapes, animals, and also make a real film about our journey (action cam GoPro, copter, camera)

Trip format

Comfortable off-road, where you can test the capabilities of your car and at the same time preserve its appearance :) If you have a winch and other attributes of an off-road vehicle, take it for the road, but it is not necessary.
The pace of the trip is not exhausting (average 250 km per day), short hikes in the mountains (up to 10 km)
Vehicle clearance is preferably at least 20cm
3 overnights in villages/wooden houses and 5 in tents under the open Altai sky
We will eat in cafes along the route through populated areas. In remote places we will organize a common table and prepare food together (the sincere atmosphere and comfort are a pleasant bonus;))
Start and finish in Gorno-Altaisk

About cost

2 places are available in the car with a guide (Tank 300), 3 overnight stays in villages/wooden houses and 5 overnight stays in a tent cost 50 thousand rubles.
We form a column of 5 cars. The cost of participation for one car is 15 thousand rubles.
You can live in a tent or car, or you can live in equipped housing with basic amenities (toilet, shower), by separate agreement and for an additional fee.
Meals are not included on the trip

Trip dates 2024

June 14-22
50 KRUB. - by our car
15 KRUB - by your own car
Altai Offroad
all places booked


How to dress
The weather in Altai is very unstable: from +5 in the morning to 25 in the afternoon. You need to dress in such a way that you can walk as comfortably and comfortably as possible, and at the same time have the opportunity to take off excess if it gets hot.
You need comfortable, non-slip shoes: trekking boots that cover the ankle are ideal.
Clothes from shorts and T-shirts to trousers, jackets (preferably wind and water resistant), raincoat.
What about ticks and other insects?
In Altai, ticks are a constant phenomenon, especially acute in early spring.
High shoes, tuck trousers into socks, cover your head (cap, hat or hood, it is advisable to tuck your hair).
After each day of the tour, shake off all clothes and examine yourself throughout the day.
Use tick spray
Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis would is highly recommended
What equipment should I take with me?
We have at our disposal a cauldron (8 l), a small grill, skewers, everything necessary for lighting, a tourist table, dishes for 4 people, 4 chairs, a small awning, a refrigerator.
For travelers with their own cars - take with you what you take on such trips at your discretion for a comfortable stay
How is food organized?
Meals are not included in the trip price
Along the way we make stops at a cafe
We recommend stocking up on snacks for the trip - everything is at your discretion (water, juices, fruits, snacks, etc.)
Not every day we will have the opportunity to stop by the store - food supplies need to be replenished in advance, which we, of course, will warn about in advance.
In remote places we will organize a common table and cooking together

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