Tour details


Day 1 Our Baikal adventure begins


Day 2 Vydrino


Day 3 Ulan-Ude


Days 3-5 Petropavlovka


Day 6 Vydrino


Days 7-8 Arshan


Day 9 Slyudyanka


Day 10 Irkutsk


Day 11 Home return

Tour dates 2024

September 03-13
92.000 RUB

Birdwatching Baikal
11 days
Available places: none


How to dress?
We will be walking a lot off-road, so good grip is necessary. It may be damp in places. If possible (but not required), take rubber boots.
The average daytime temperature in September on Baikal is +16, nighttime +7. But there are frosts sometimes. You need to dress in such a way that you can walk comfortably and with possibility to take off somw clothes "layers" when it gets hot.
What about insects?
There are no mosquitoes at all on the coast of Lake Baikal! The climate here is not good for them. In the winter-spring period, the water in the lake is cold, and mosquitoes do not have the opportunity to reproduce here, since these insects reproduce precisely through warm water.
Ticks on Baikal are active from May to July and they are more common if you go on a tour to the Eastern Sayan mountains, as well as on tours in the north of Baikal (Yarki, Ayaya, Frolikha, etc.)
How difficult is the route?
The route is suitable even for unprepared travelers. We travel a lot by car, walking along lakes, plains and small hills.
What is included in the tour price?
The tour price includes transfer from/to Irkutsk airport, road trip in comfortable jeeps, hotel accommodation, guide services.
How is food organized?
We make stops at cafes along the way.
It is not always possible to have cafe lunches 3 times a day - the tour format is dynamic, we travel and walk a lot, and birdwatching can be very lengthy. Often we just forget that it's time to eat :)
We recommend stocking up on snacks for the road - everything is at your discretion (water, juices, fruits, snacks, etc.).
At the end of each day of the tour we stop at the store - there is an opportunity to replenish supplies.
At the request of the group, we will organize lunch in the mountains with cooking in a cauldron or making a barbecue.

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